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Invisible Braces As You Have Never Known Them Before

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A new type of dental braces has rocked the orthodontic world. Invisalign offers a very discreet way of straightening your teeth without letting the whole world know what you are doing, available now from your perfect smile dental practice, Natureza Dental. The problem with the old method of straightening teeth with wire braces was that they were unsightly, often uncomfortable and it frequently took years to complete the treatment.

Now, under the care of our Orthodontics Specialist in Croydon, for most cases of tooth alignment we are able to offer Invisalign and the chance for you to have that smile that you have always promised yourself in considerably less time than it would have taken with traditional orthodontic treatment. The discreet nature of the treatment and the fact that the nearly invisible braces can be taken out for eating, cleaning and that special occasion make them the obvious choice for those who want a perfect even smile.

Many people are so happy with the service they receive at our dental practice that they are happy to travel from the wider South London area including South Norwood, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill.