Dental Reviews

Patient Reviews

“I came in very upset and emotional and was seen by Antonio for a problem with my crown. He was very professional, caring and supportive, all the while reassuring me that the practice would come up with a solution no matter what. I felt reassured and above all in safe hands.”

Roupa Jettoo

“I am so pleased to find this dental practice. Very friendly staff, care about patients and do they job properly. Worth any penny!! Thank you so much.”

Anastasija O

“Dr Jose and his team are fantastic. Very caring and committed guys at the practice. Wouldn’t see myself going into any other dental practice. Fantastic service, keep it up!”

N K Asamoah

“I’m delighted with my dental treatment, the whole team at Natureza are highly professional, caring and friendly. Highly recommended.”

Teresa Silva

“An amazing friendly and professional dental service. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Andre Correia

“Great Dental Practice. Very friendly dentist and dental nurse. Practise was really clean. Service was totally professional. So happy to have this service on my door step here in Norwood.”

Nicholas Bryant

“Dr. Lage is a very caring dentist. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked through the door: he is a friendly, calm, attentive, down to earth doctor that really cares about his patients and take the time to explain everything clearly. He also made me part of his thought process and I loved it. He is a gem and I am glad I have a dentist I can trust now. I highly recommend this practice.”

Claudia Griggi

“Had a great experience at Natureza Dental Practice, the staff is really professional and made me feel comfortable during my stay there. Definitely recommend and will be back again.”

Pedro Pereira

“Highly recommend Natureza, so glad to have found great professionals who also care about customer service and build nice relationships with their patients. As a healthcare practitioner myself I can ensure their standards are high ;)”

Isabel Artigues Cano

“Great service, highly qualified professionals providing excellent preventative care and treatments.”

Claudia Colen

“I hadn’t been to the dentists for ages, was not looking forward to it! Thank you for an amazing job, highly recommend Natureza Dental Practice!”

Nicholas Bryant

“I think i have found the nicest dentists ever created on this planet!…… All so wonderful and welcoming, felt like being with good friends as soon as i walked in. I almost want to make up reasons to go back just so i can spend time with you all! Thank you so much for all your care and compassion, really the best dentists i have ever found, and well worth the 45 min drive. Lots of love and gratitude!”

Akasha Jenita Wacha

“Professional dental practice. Have been using for several years.”

Agne Odhiambo

“My sister drew my attention to Natureza Dental Practice clinic beacuse she has been satisfied with their services for years. My teeth were in very bad condition but Dr. Jose and his helpful, friendly and professional team restored all of my teeth.

Thank you for the precise and transparent Private Treatment Planning, the modern dental equipments and the professional treatment.

Not onIy I will choose the service of Natureza Dental Practice the next time but also recommend it to my acquaintances. “

Pal Szekely

“Really good dental practice with very competent and professional dentist. Everyone in the practice is extremely friendly, helpful and deliver wonderful service with a smile. Really recommend this practice, for good customer service and treatments. Look forward to my next visit.”

Victor Amos-Lawanson

“Finding a good dentist is very difficult… believe me I tried. Dr Lage makes you feel comfortable, explain every detail, for the first time I have a treatment plan and I already feel a big difference in my teeth.

It’s never enough to praise a good dentist when we find one. Thank you Natureza Dental Practice.”

Marta Modesto

“It was my first experience in a dentist in London. I would highly recommend Natureza Dental Pratice as they were very polite, professional and all the service was perfectly done. I’m really satisfied and I will come back for sure. Thank you!”

Joana Moleirinho

“This is a wonderful service. I have had mercury removal, and an extraction and both were carried out with care and sensitivity. It is a very nurturing and supportive practice and I highly recommend it.”

Velma Bryan

“The way I was welcomed and treated by all the staff was fantastic. The time spent in the surgery, all the information given to me by Dr Lage and the relaxing modern environment made me feel at home. I have used braces for some years and my teeth got very yellow since then. Dr Lage recommended teeth whitening and 5 days after starting the treatment I couldn’t believe in the huge change on my teeth. It was never so easy to go to the dentist.”

Luis V

“At the beginning I was a little bit nervous but the dentist and the nurse were very kind to me and explained everything, including how the needle works. It was very easy at the end and I didn’t feel a thing.”

Master Miguel V

“I was totally unhappy with my teeth and I wasn’t smiling anymore. So I decided to find a private dentist to do some cosmetic work to sort out my problems. Dr Jose Lage was exceptional as he was the first dentist to explain my problems using words that I could understand and gave me lots of options to choose from. I decided to do 6 ceramic crowns on my upper teeth and that changed my life completely. Now I smile without problems and I feel much more confident. It wasn’t cheap but I managed to pay by installments and it was definitely worth it.”

Mr Luis A

“The condition of my remaining teeth represents a challenge to any dentist and before I found Dr Lage I had become increasingly resigned to eventually losing all of them. After just two visits things are now under control and I am sure that retention is a strong possibility. I would recommend Dr Lage and his dental practice unreservedly for the quality of work, the care taken to explain procedures and especially the value for money.”

Mr John H

“When I first met Dr. Lage I was a bit nervous because my previous dentists weren’t able to help me and I was aware that my situation wasn’t easy. I lost almost all my teeth due to gum disease and since then I haven’t been able to eat properly. I also lost some confidence in smiling. I have tried to use removable dentures but I didn’t get used to them due to my strong gag reflex. Dr. Lage told me that my problem could be sorted out with flexible dentures. He didn’t promise me success but because he explained to me the advantages of this type of denture I was willing to try. The new flexible dentures are much smaller and lighter than my old dentures and I was able to wear them from the first day. I can now eat everything and smile with confidence and my close friends say that I look 10 years younger.”

Mr Joao P

“I discovered Natureza earlier this year, after ten whole years without visiting a dentist no matter how much pain I was in. From a very early age I had so many bad experiences with my old dentist that I had a severe fear of them. One day I was driving past Natureza and something pulled me in, I made my first appointment just for a clean-up and tooth whitening, this was a way for me test them out. I can honestly say that since that day I have been back on many occasions for filings and most recently Root Canal Treatment. I did not experience one ounce of pain even the injection was hardly noticed. Dentist Jose and practice manager Isobel are excellent at their jobs and I would love to recommend Natureza to anyone who has a fear of the dentist. Now I am never nervous and I don’t dread the next appointment and my teeth are much healthier than they were before I discovered them.”

Mrs Lora B