Our dentists take a holistic approach to oral health on your overall well-being.

Biological Dentistry puts a focus on consciencious choices for materials and treatments. 

There is evidence for, and against the potential toxicity of amalgam fillings that have health risks. It is still widely used in the UK as a dental material as there are not many studies to prove the validity of the claim for a consensus on its use in the dental industry. 

Mercury is the toxic component of amalgam fillings. Long-term exposure to mercury vapor from amalgam fillings can lead to potential health problems, including neurological and kidney damage, pineal gland affects that disrupt normal melatonin production.

Disruptions in its production and signaling can increase the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This is a cluster of health conditions and there are studies that now link oral health to Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

By incorporating biocompatible dental materials and techniques, we aim to guide oral health habits and provide minimally invasive techniques that also supports overall health and well-being.

We offer the removal of toxic amalgam fillings, and replace with biocompatible materials such as:

Bis-gma free composite resin: A tooth-colored filling material made from a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles.

Dental Ceramic: A material that is made from a type of clay and is used for crowns, bridges, and other types of restorations.

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