Metal Free Alternatives

The most commonly used metal free dental materials used to replace the amalgam fillings are composite resins and metal free ceramics.

Composite White Fillings

This material is suitable for small to medium sized fillings. It bonds to the tooth allowing us to conserve tooth tissue and prevents unnecessary tooth destruction. It is highly aesthetic giving the tooth a natural appearance.

Inlays & Onlays (Reinforced Composite or Ceramic)

An inlay/onlay is a filling that is made in the laboratory, and then bonded into the prepared cavity. Inlays/Onlays are generally used in weakened teeth that present large cavities or where cusps of the teeth are missing, in order to restore and reinforce the tooth.

The inlays/onlays can be made of reinforced composite or ceramic, depending on the patient circumstances.


For teeth that are weaker and more destroyed we can use full Crowns that usually are made with Ceramics.

These are made of a castable glass and have now superseded the crowns made with metal. These have the added advantage that they can be bonded to the underlying tooth, providing a much stronger unit than merely “gluing” a crown to a tooth.

We are always looking for new materials, more resistant and less toxic to our body.