Root Canal Treatment in Croydon, SE25

At Natureza Dental Practice, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced endodontist in Croydon who can perform root canal treatment to stop the infection from spreading and will preserve as much of your tooth as possible. Using specific techniques and advanced equipment, you will receive a local anaesthetic and the treatment overall should feel no different to having an ordinary filling placed. The aim of the treatment is to remove all infection from the root canal. The root is then cleaned and filled to prevent any further infection. A temporary filling is put in and the tooth is left to settle. The tooth is checked at a later visit and when all the infection has cleared, the tooth is permanently filled. Root canal treatment is a skilled and time-consuming procedure and most courses of treatment will involve two or more visits.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

root canal therapy is the process of disinfecting the damaged or infected tooth from its center. It saves decayed tooth at the right time before the infection leads to its extraction. The treatment is carried out when the nerves and root pulp of a tooth gets infected, decayed or damaged. The process involves cleaning, filling and sealing of the infected tooth to avoid any further damage.

Our qualified dental experts will do their best to save your tooth with the root canal therapy. We use special and modern technologies for the process of root canal to render authentic results.

Who performs root canal?

root canal treatment is performed by a root canal specialist or endodontist under complete caring and comfortable environment. For a more complicated case, they carry out an endodontic surgery with the latest technologies like operating microscopes and digital imaging. This speeds up the treatment process and helps in a close diagnosis of the root infection. The procedure is always carried out under supervision of a well-trained endodontist to ensure the intended outcome.

Who is an Endodontist and what do they do?

An Endodondist is a dental expert who has obtained special training of 2-3 years in management and diagnosis of dental problems related to tooth root and pulp. They have extensive experience in treating infected pulp and root with satisfactory results.

Our endodontist in Croydon will diagnose the damaged tooth and commence with the treatment process based on your condition. They will keep you under a local anesthesia during the process and separate the infected teeth from the surrounding teeth with help of a dam. Using a drill, he will make a hole in the tooth for close view at the infection. They will then clean the infected area using small instruments to make sure that it is free from germs and bacteria.

Are root canals painful?

Root canal is performed under local anaesthesia which makes your tooth numb during the operation. A numb area does not feel any sensation and thus, the process is painless and comfortable. You may feel a little tenderness after the treatment but it eventually fades away.

If you want to gather some more information on root canal therapy, feel free to contact us on 0208 654 3984 or visit Natureza Dental Practice.