Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr Zankruti Patel
Primary Specialty Dental
Experience 9+ Years
Education & Training
GDC No. 83885
Medical Education University of Birmingham 2014


(Principal Dentist), GDC No. 83885

Date of registration: 22 July 2004.

Zankruti graduated in 2004 from the University of Birmingham. She has worked in the UK for 8 years completing post graduate certificate courses in preventative, restorative and aesthetic dentistry including a 2 year course in implantology with FAPI university in Brazil.

She moved to Singapore in 2011 to develop her professional learning in a private practice setting working alongside lead clinicians in Asia. While there she completed an MBA in Shanghai and worked with a large dental corporate in Singapore, returning to the UK in 2018.

She is a certified clinician for laser dentistry, Invisalign, CFast, Digital Smile Design, Wrinkle relaxant treatment and dermal fillers, and has an interest in sleep dentistry and TMJ pain.

Outside of work, Zankruti is a certified yoga instructor and enjoys practicing. She is always looking for a new fitness challenge and loves geeking on books and movies. Mainly movies.

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