Damon Braces

Damon Braces

An Investment in The Perfect Smile.

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We are often asked about straight teeth and as an experienced smile dentist in Croydon, we have a registered specialist orthodontist who is happy to be able to offer our clients The Damon braces. This addition to our orthodontics treatments in Croydon uses self-ligating braces that do away with the elastic and metal “ties” that provide the tension for conventional braces. In our dental practice we use the concept of Face-Driven orthodontics, where the smile and the face are considered as a whole.

Damon braces have a slide mechanism that replaces these elastics moving teeth faster and more comfortably. Damon braces are low-force, low-friction braces allowing more cases to be treated without the need of teeth extractions. This discreet method of moving teeth is a great advance in orthodontic treatment and one that is becoming more and more popular.

The orthodontic treatment with Damon Braces gives all our clients the chance to attain that perfect even smile discreetly so that no one else knows. This system works faster to get the perfect results that you deserve.


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